About Jacob Felder 

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Jacob Felder, E-RYT 500 has been teaching Yoga and Meditation since 1985. He began practicing Yoga in 1969.

At age 12 Jacob suffered a near death experience that left him greatly weakened. Committed to regaining his strength he turned to yoga. He displayed unusual dedication at an early age by learning the basics of yoga after happening upon The Complete and Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda. Jacob became passionate about yoga, meditation and good nutrition. He has remained faithful in his practice of ever since.

In the early 80's his passion took him to Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, VA where he lived, studied and trained for 4 transformative years. While there he received his mantra initiation and trained intensely in Integral Yoga directly under the world renowned Sri Swami Satchidananda. Known there as one of the originals, Jacob recently returned to Satchidananda Ashram to teach workshops and continues to collaborate with them and other Yoga institutes.

Additionally, over the decades Jacob's passion for body awareness has led him into the performing arts. He is a professional dancer/ choreographer and is a professional acrobatic performing artist. He is a former certified massage therapist and likewise spent years studying the anatomy behind balance and yoga along with the science behind meditation.

Using this wealth of integrated knowledge Jacob has produced two DVD's: Yoga Two-gether™ and Gentle Yoga with Yogi Jacob. He authored the book Meditation: The Awareness Approach™  as well as written numerous articles and has been interviewed on WFDD 88.5 Public Radio.

Jacob Felder is certified as an E-RYT 500, the highest level offered by Yoga Alliance. Jacob continues to further his yoga education in order to share his expertise and keep current. In Jacob's class you will find playful balance poses as well as a focus on posture and placement along with the breath...using the breath to deepen your poses and heighten your mind/body connection. At the conclusion of every class, Jacob, also a Multi-Instrumentalist, verbally guides participants in a blissful Yoga Nidra while playing ephemeral live music. His classes are suitable for all levels.

Click on the link below to see what a lifetime of yoga has done for Jacob. This is an example of his personal choreography and partner work which he successfully taught himself and furthermore trained his partner. Enjoy the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzTawHA3xrc


What others say about Jacob....

Jacob's dance classes are looser and more eclectic in moves and styles than other dance classes we've taken. His classes are perfect for people who want to learn to have fun on the dance floor without worrying about performing "strictly swing" or "strictly salsa" moves. We thoroughly enjoyed his classes.
-Daniel & Miriam Baird
~ ~ ~

Jacob Felder knows body mechanics like no one that I have ever worked with. I have learned so much from him in the "yoga arena" and carry what I have learned into my own classes that I teach. 
--Darlene Pruitt
~ ~ ~
I have been in Jacob Felder's Intermediate Yoga class about three years, having begun learning and practicing yoga at age 66. Jacob's class is both invigorating and relaxing, as strange as that may sound. His patience and sense of humor have been encouraging. 
--Dot Mason
~ ~ ~
I started my yoga practice with Jacob 4 years ago and although I have had other teachers through the last couple of years, none are as authentic and true to the practice of yoga and meditation as Jacob. I recently bought the intermediate yoga dvd because of the time constraints of my 4 children, and am able to practice early in the morning at my house and it has greatly helped me to handle the stresses of each day with a calmer atitude! Thanks Jacob! 
--Monica Cochrane
~ ~ ~
This is a long overdue thank you note for the service that you extended to me during a recent health crisis that occurred while I was on tour with the Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY. While on tour, my blood pressure spiked to an extremely high level. The resultant crisis and prescribed medication left me unable to pursue my duties and I was forced to resign.  Your advice and accompanying information regarding meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques provided me some hope for healing.  I have been able to resume my career, return to the tour, and I was also able to have the blood pressure medicine discontinued. The information that you provided to me was reinforced by my current physician and my situation is much better.
--Collier Woods
Jacob is a remarkable yoga practitioner and an enthusiastic, skilled and inventive teacher. His yoga classes are creative, dynamic and effective in changing lives for the better. For over a year I have attended the yoga classes Jacob teaches at the Central Family YMCA in Winston several times a week. I began with the Gentle Yoga classes and progressed into the intermediate classes. Jacob is something special. Judging from the diverse mix of students in his classes at the YMCA, Jacob's playful, engaging, and disciplined approach to yoga appeals to students of all ages and backgrounds.
--Catherine Hendren
My husband and I attended the Gentle Yoga classes. My husband is a runner, and typical of runners does not stretch faithfully. The yoga classes insured he performed healthy stretches several times a week. He truly benefited from the classes in reduction of running injuries, and all-around feeling better. We both enjoyed the balance drills in class, and noticed a true improvement in balance/control in a short time. 
--Jim and Ann Miller
Jacob Felder is one of the most gifted yoga teachers I have encountered. He teaches with skill and compassion. With his background in both dance and yoga, his instruction demonstrates a natural flow and freedom from injury. I rehabilitated a broken leg with yoga with Jacob and regained my normal functioning. He's the best teacher as far as I am concerned!
--Sheri Lynn Jacobson MS, RN.